Twin Cities Incident Page

Providing Public Safety News as it Happens

Welcome to the Home Page for the Twin Cities Incident Page Group.

We are a service open to all. There are multiple options on receiving our alerts:

1.To receive all alerts from this group click on the Google Group link and sign up.

2. If you want to join our group of Dispatchers who send out the alerts, please email and request dispatcher access.

3. You can choose to only receive certain type of alerts- to do this select the alert groups you want to receive from the list below and email


Fire  *Working Fire *Major Fire *Hazmat *National Incidents

Police  *MVA *Chase *SWAT *Violent Crime *National Incidents

Rescue *Water Incidents *Hazmat *MVA *Aircraft accident *National Incidents

Voice Chat is now available for PC and Windows Mobile users via Zello and joining group TCIPMN Active Incidents



Twin Cities Incident Page
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